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After releasing the names of 188 priests and deacons who have been accused of sexually abusing children, the five Roman Catholic Dioceses in New Jersey have approved the creation of the Independent Victim Compensation Program which will pay victims of church sexual abuse.  They include: Camden, Metuchen, Newark, Paterson and Trenton.   There will be no financial cap or limit on the amount that can be awarded to claimants.  Factors involved in determining compensation include but are not limited to age of victim at the time of abuse, frequency of abuse, impact on victims life, and whether drugs or alcohol were involved.  All claims must be submitted before December 31, 2019.  

If you were sexually abused as a child by a priest, deacon or any other member of the church, you are not alone.  We are here to help you.  Please contact us today for a free consultation.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our confidential contact form and a lawyer will respond within 24 hours.   Help is available nationwide.   There are no legal fees unless you receive money.  You have nothing to lose.

Below is a list of those credibly accused by each Diocese.


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Archdiocese of Newark


The diocese in Newark named the following 63 priests who have been credibly accused of abuse:

Alcamo Robert

Batista Jorga

Benedetto James T. 

Bergeur John X.

Bonelli Vincent

Bouton John C.

Campanlonga Michael

Capparelli John

Carey James A.

Chabak Robert

Cheplic Peter

Cocozza Dennis

Coutinho Absalom

Crespo Arturo

DeFrias Hadmels R.

DiPeri Joseph

Donohue John J.

Duffy Thomas F.

Eilert Edward

Ernst David

Fagan Joseph P. 

Flanagan John

Fugee Michael C.

Gadek Lawrence

Galdon Richard

Gallo-Espinoza Manuel

Giblin William

Gibney Robert

Giella Augustine

Guglielmo Alan

Gugliotta Kevin

Hartlin Charles

Heyndricks Eugene

Howard (Sita) Gerald (Carmen)

Hudson Charles

Komas John

Kortina Kevin

Laferrera John

Maione Francis T. 

Marotta Robert

Martin Kenneth

McAulay Dcn John R.

McCann William

McCarrick Theodore (based on findings of Archdiocese of New York)

Medina Daniel (Horatio D.)

Mieliwocki Richard

Morel John

Morel Robert

Mousley Dcn. Thomas

Nickas John

O'Brien Michael

Reilly Thomas H. 

Rengifo Jesus Orlando

Rice Joseph

Ruane Gerald

Salazar Mario

Stanford Thomas

Stanley Edward

Stauffer Robert

Sudol Gerald

Svec Robert

Walters Michael M.

Zasacki Robert

To see a more detailed list of assignments (churches) please click here

Archdiocese of Camden


The diocese in Camden named 56 priests and one deacon who have been credibly accused of abuse:

Joseph Barber

Claude J. Bender

John P. Bernard

Henry S. Blaszczynski

John F. Bloh

John D. Bohrer

Joseph J. Brennan

William B. Cannon

Gerlad P. Clements

Norman T. Connelly

John P. Connor

Michale H. D'Amico

Charles J. Davis

Kenneth Demarest

Vincent A. Doyle

Eldridge T. Evans

Francis J. Flemming

John E. Follett

A. Richard Gerbino

Edward Gillespie

Roy T. Hardin

Thomas M. Harkins

James F. Hopkins

Frank X. Hudson

Edward A. Igle

A. William Johnson

John P. Kelly

Charles E. Kuhl

Dermott F. Lyons

Edward Lucano

Patrick J. Madden

Phillip A. Mathews

Francis A. McCloskey

Charles P. McColgan

John J. McElroy

Joseph McGarney

Francis J. McLaughlin

Joseph Orsini

Peter J. Osinski

Timothy E. Pisik

Walter T. Reilly

Dennis J. Rigney

Philip T. Rigney

Glendon E. Robertson

James Ryan

Francis L. Salamandra

Robert J. Schmid

Augustine J. Seidenburg

Joseph E. Shannon

Donal Sheehan

John E. Smith

Walter Smith

Antoine St. Germain

Brendan V. Sullivan

William D. Titmas

Alfred J. Vasapolli

Patrick J. Weaver

To see a more detailed list of assignments (churches) please click here

Archdiocese of Trenton


The diocese in Trenton named 30 priests who have been credibly accused of abuse:

Apura Romanilo S.

Becker Ronald R. 

Brietske Richard C.

Brown Gerard J. 

Bruno Francis D.

Comito Charles J.

Dino Benjamin R.

Fernandez Manuel R. M.

Frain Thomas J.

Griffin J. Gerard

Hermansen Douglas U.

Iazetta Frank J.

Inghilterra Vincent J.

Janos Francis J.C.

Kelty Leo A.

Magee Patrick F.

McAlinden Terence O.

McGrath M. Francis

McHugh Joseph F.

McKeone William J.

Milewski Richard R.

Minogue Liam A.

Muccilli Sebastian L.

Parenti Robert J.

Prioli Joseph J.

Punderson Joseph R. 

Rittenhouse Thomas A.

Sullivan John E.

Tuman Florencio P.

Williams H. Brendan

To see a more detailed list of assignments (churches) please click here

Archdiocese of Patterson


The diocese in Patterson named 28 priests  who have been credibly accused of abuse:

Jose Alonso

Charles Bradley

George Costigan

Absalom Coutinho

William Cramer

Francis Dennehy

John Derricks

Stanislaus Durka

Patrick Erwin

James Hanley

John Heekin

Jose Lopez

Peter McBride

William Mockus

Joseph Molloy

Marcin Nurek

John Pisarcik

Walter Pruschowitz

James Scott

James A.D. Smith

Ralph Sodano

Allen Stepien

John Sutton

Ronald Tully

John Wall

Gregory White

William Winston

To see a more detailed list of assignments (churches) please click here

Archdiocese of Metuchen


The diocese in Metuchen named 10 priests and 1 deacon who have been credibly accused of abuse:

John Banko

John Casey

Michael Cashman

Mark Dolak

John Giordano

Anthony Kramarz

Gregory Littleton

Michael Santillo

Dann Rossi (Deacon)


Thomas Ganley

Patrick Kuffner

To see a more detailed list of assignments (churches) please click here

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